Science in the Movies: Fact vs Fiction with OFFline

I-LOFAR are delighted to team up with OFFline Film Festival here…
October 5, 2020/by Aine Flood

Culture Night 2020: Astronomy in Birr Virtual Tour

Explore the historic and modern astrophysics research happening…
September 11, 2020/by Aine Flood

Astrolands Interns 2020 – Blog Twelve

August 28, 2020/by Nathan Simoncini

Astrolands Interns 2020 – Blog Eleven

August 21, 2020/by Amy Clancy

Astrolands Interns 2020 -Blog Ten

August 14, 2020/by Amy Clancy

Astrolands Interns 2020 – Blog Nine

August 7, 2020/by Nathan Simoncini

Astrolands Interns 2020 – Blog Eight

July 31, 2020/by Amy Clancy

Astrolands Interns 2020 – Blog Seven

July 24, 2020/by Nathan Simoncini

Astrolands Interns 2020 – Blog Six

July 17, 2020/by Nathan Simoncini

Astrolands Interns 2020 – Blog Five

July 10, 2020/by Amy Clancy

AstroLands Interns 2020 – Blog Four

July 3, 2020/by Nathan Simoncini

AstroLands Interns 2020- Blog Three

June 26, 2020/by Amy Clancy

AstroLands Interns 2020- Blog Two

June 19, 2020/by Nathan Simoncini

AstroLands Interns 2020- Blog One

June 12, 2020/by Nathan Simoncini

Research Summer Internship Programme with I-LOFAR

Breakthrough Listen sponsored Summer Internship with I-LOFAR
March 18, 2020/by Aine Flood

Continual Professional Development for Teachers – Junior Cycle Science ‘Earth and Space’

February 25, 2020/by Aine Flood

Summer Internship Programme with I-LOFAR

Would you like to spend the summer working at a world-class radio…
February 21, 2020/by Aine Flood

February Mid-Term Guided Tours – Astronomy in Birr

This walking tour takes you through nearly 180 years of astronomy…
February 14, 2020/by Aine Flood

A New Perspective on I-LOFAR

This Guest Blog was written by a local secondary school student…
January 10, 2020/by Aine Flood

I-LOFAR science & techniques workshop 2020

December 13, 2019/by eoin carley

I-LOFAR Radio Telescope Reveals Secrets of Solar Shockwaves

The Sun may appear to be a constant force in our solar system,…
December 9, 2019/by Ciara Maguire

Blog 7 – The Final Week

As we wrap up our final few days at the Education Centre, its…
August 24, 2019/by Aine Flood

Blog 6 – IAU100 and Ireland’s Involvement

Last week, we set up an exhibition here in Birr for the International…
August 15, 2019/by Aine Flood

Learn how to code with CoderDojo and I-LOFAR!

Join I-LOFAR and Coderdojo for a CoderDojo Taster Session in…
August 1, 2019/by Aine Flood

A Journey Through the Last 100 Years of Astronomy, Coming to Birr in August 2019!

The International Astronomical Union’s 100th Anniversary Exhibition…
August 1, 2019/by Aine Flood
Levithan projection

Blog 5 – Space Workshops and Moon Landing Commemoration

Thursday 18th and Saturday 20th of July brought Space Workshops…
July 29, 2019/by Aine Flood

Blog 4 – Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

On Sunday 14th July the I-LOFAR Education team, Áine, Jeremy…
July 23, 2019/by Aine Flood
South Dome Refracting Telescope

Blog 3 – DIAS and Dunsink!

This week Jane and I are continuing to develop exhibits for the…
July 11, 2019/by Aine Flood

AstroLands Launch and I-LOFAR Education Centre Opening

On Thursday 30th May 2019, the I-LOFAR Education Centre was opened…
July 11, 2019/by Aine Flood

Blog 2 – Observing, Camps and Exhibits

This week Jeremy and I have been finalising preparations for…
July 4, 2019/by Aine Flood

Space Camp 2019 is Go for Launch!

The I-LOFAR Education Team are excited to announce the launch…
July 4, 2019/by Aine Flood

Blog One – Intern Intro!

Hello World, Jeremy and Jane here, we’re interns at the I-LOFAR…
June 28, 2019/by Aine Flood

Summer Astronomy Tours in Birr

As part our AstroLands programme we are offering FREE guided…
June 7, 2019/by Aine Flood

Launch of I-LOFAR Education Centre & AstroLands Education Programme

Trinity College Dublin, Birr Scientific & Heritage Foundation,…
May 28, 2019/by Peter Gallagher

Astronomers Publish New Map of the Sky Detecting Thousands of Previously Unknown Galaxies

- Team includes researchers from University College Dublin

February 19, 2019/by Aoife Ryan

Latest All Sky Images with I-LOFAR

The latest all sky images observed by I-LOFAR show the radio…
February 7, 2019/by Pearse Murphy

LOFAR Radio Telescope Reveals Secrets of Solar Storms

Dublin, Ireland, February 18, 2019: An international team of…
February 1, 2019/by Peter Gallagher

LOFAR Minecraft – LOFAR Enters the Virtual Universe
LOFAR Minecraft

Fionn (11)…
December 16, 2018/by Peter Gallagher

The Astronomical Midlands: Engaging Rural Communities with Astronomy

We are delighted to launch a new engagement project in 2019 -…
December 3, 2018/by Peter Gallagher

Offaly County Council confers Civic Recognition Award on Professor Peter Gallagher

Press Release from Offaly County Council:

Professor Gallagher…
October 23, 2018/by Peter Gallagher

First Pulsar Light with I-LOFAR!

Pulsars are rotating neutron stars that beam radiation into space…
September 24, 2018/by Peter Gallagher

Ireland’s Biggest Telescope Gearing up to Catch the Perseid Meteor Shower

This week the team at I-LOFAR has been excitedly undergoing preparations…
August 8, 2018/by Aoife Ryan

Big Data Processing for I-LOFAR: REALTA

I-LOFAR is a true ‘big data’ project, and as part of the…
July 31, 2018/by Peter Gallagher

Observing the Sun at the nanosecond scale with the I-LOFAR Transient Buffer Boards

Transient Buffer Boards (TBBs) are a part of I-LOFAR’s data…
July 30, 2018/by Pearse Murphy

Ready for Space Explorers!

On June 5, 2018 we completed the refurbishment of our new I-LOFAR…
June 5, 2018/by Peter Gallagher

I-LOFAR used as part of the International LOFAR Telescope for the first time to Observe Flaring Star

The Irish LOFAR telescope at Birr reached a major milestone on…
March 9, 2018/by Peter Gallagher

Introduction to Science, Operations and Data Analysis with an International LOFAR Station

School of Physics, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin…
December 18, 2017/by Peter Gallagher

Honorary Doctorates for World-Leaders in Astronomy

This week, UCD and TCD awarded Honorary Doctorates to two…
December 8, 2017/by Peter Gallagher

I-LOFAR Consortium win SFI Award for International Engagement

Orlaigh Quinn (Secretary General of the Department of the Department…
November 17, 2017/by Peter Gallagher

I-LOFAR Education Centre Progress

The builders are back in Birr! In October 2017 our building contractor…
November 2, 2017/by Peter Gallagher

Watch the LOFAR TV documentary “13 Billion Light Years From Birr”

We're delighted to announce that the documentary on LOFAR is…
November 2, 2017/by Peter Gallagher

New radio telescope in Birr detects huge solar storms

Dublin, Thursday September 13th, 2017 - The past two weeks have…
September 13, 2017/by Peter Gallagher

Minister Halligan Switches on World Leading Radio Telescope: I-LOFAR

July 27, 2017/by alomeara

Ireland to join leading international astronomy collaboration

Department signs funding agreement to enable Ireland to join…
June 29, 2017/by Peter Gallagher