AstroLands Summer Interns 2021 Blog 7

Hi, everyone, Lauren and Gráinne here again!

We’ve been back to facilitating Astro Camps this week – specifically our Red Giant Astro Camp for Junior Cycle students. We were delighted to see another camp run smoothly and everything go to plan! It makes our job a lot easier when we have so many enthusiastic students so thanks to our Campers for making our week! We’d also like to thank all of our speakers for giving great talks and tours and for answering all our Astro Campers’ questions – from the technicalities of satellite building to hot debates on why Pluto should be recognised as a planet again!

Some Cool Aliens and Alien Ideas our Astro Campers came up with!

While running the Red Giant camp has been the main focus of our week, we’ve also been working in the background to make sure this camp and next week’s camps run smoothly. We’ve been trialing more advanced activities for our AstroLands Academy participants and putting together the best information we can for our Leaving Cycle students who will be looking at making career choices soon – hopefully in STEM! We’re excited to see what the older students make of our camp next week 🙂 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can still sign up for AstroLands Academy here