AstroLands Summers Interns 2021 Blog 4

Lauren and Gráinne here again! We’re back after our week off from blog writing. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks since our last post. 

We’re getting down to sorting out the very fine details of the Astro Camps that start next week! Our first set of Astro Campers have all received their introduction emails and Activity Packs and are ready to go on Wednesday. We’ve got all of our speakers and tours confirmed and rehearsed. We’re very excited to hear from people at ESA, the Swedish Solar Telescope in La Palma, and the team at EIRSAT-1. We know our Campers will be too!

We recently finished our work on I-LOFAR as Gaeilge and launched our new Irish YouTube videos. You can now enjoy Origami in Space, Spectroscopy, and The Planets to Scale in Irish. We hope that Gaelscoils across the country will find these videos useful, as well as all Gaelgóirí or even people with just cúpla focal! Check them out here.

Origami in Space, Spectroscopy and the Solar System to Scale as Gaeilge!

There are still a few places left in Nebula Camp 2 and AstroLands Academy! We are delighted to say that the Red Giant Camp is now fully booked too! We can’t wait to meet all the campers and we’re so excited to start next week, we hope this will be a great Astro Camp!