Hello Again!

What a busy week it’s been for Nathan and I. As you may or may not know our Nebula Astro Camp, a virtual summer camp for 10-12 year olds, is starting on Monday and so we’ve been occupied with that all week. We were busy sorting out and finalising details and components and now we’re ready to get started. As well as that we’ve been figuring out Microsoft Teams which is great for the fun, interactive environment we want to have in our camps.

Sneak Peak of our daily themes

Each day of the camp focuses on a different theme from our universe to the night sky to space exploration. We’re very excited to share our activities and resources with the participants. One thing that’s really cool about this camp is that we will have a different researcher or special guest giving a talk each day with the chance for participants to ask questions about what they do. This is a great opportunity for young people who may not have access to someone working or studying in an area they’re interested in. 

The Nebula Camp Activity pack on its way to all our participants!

So if you like what you hear and you’re interested in joining you only have one day left to sign up to the Nebula Camp! Activity packs that we have created for the camp are on their way and should be at each door soon. We’ve been doing quite a bit of social media work too and getting the word out about the camps, two more of which are at the end of July and in August and are aimed at secondary school students. And if there are any leaving certificate students considering studying physics at third level our Supernova Astro Camp would be an amazing introduction and an opportunity to find out all they need to know. There are more details about all three Astro Camps here.

Check back next week to hear about how our first virtual camp went!

Blog post written by Amy Clancy