AstroLands Summer Interns 2021 Blog 2

Hi everyone! Lauren and Gráinne here again.

This week has been all about trying out activities for our Astro Camps. We’ve had a busy week getting creative with anything and everything we could find in our recycling bins! Our desks have been covered in bits of cardboard, sellotape, tin foil, and even a few Lego astronauts. We’ve been testing out all our new ideas and deciding what will make the cut for the camps. Only the best for our Astro Campers!

If you have half as much fun as we did experimenting with all the activities, it’ll be a fantastic camp 🙂

Testing Out Our New Activties (and all the mess that comes along with it)!

Getting into the detail of organizing the camps was an important part of our week too. We’ve been hanging out on Google Docs together playing around with the timetable and gathering resources to help explain fascinating astrophysics concepts. We also channeled our inner graphic designers again to put together all the materials that our Astro Campers will find in their Activity Packs, so they’ll be looking great when we send them out!

We were excited to see loads of new people booking in for camps this week. The first Nebula camp is now fully booked and we’re delighted! We’ve been trying to keep up this momentum and are promoting the camps far and wide. You can still apply for the second Nebula Astro Camp, and of course the Red Giant Astro Camp and the AstroLands Academy!

We linked up with the other I-LOFAR interns this week over Zoom. They’re working with Breakthrough Listen and you’ll be hearing all about what they’re working on soon via a blog post, so watch this space.