2023 Research Summer Internship Programme with I-LOFAR

Does spending your Summer conducting research using a world-class radio telescope sound like a dream come true? If so, then the I-LOFAR 2023 Summer internship programme could be for you!

The internship will focus on using the I-LOFAR radio telescope located at Birr Castle Demesne to answer one of humanity’s oldest questions: Is there other life out there?

Breakthrough Listen (BL) is a world-leading, comprehensive program to search for intelligent life in the Universe. Candidates who are successful will get an opportunity to take part in the search for observational technosignature searches using the Breakthrough Listen backend at I-LOFAR. Research activities will take place in person at Birr and / or Dublin, or remotely if agreed beforehand, under the supervision of Prof. Evan Keane (Trinity College Dublin), in collaboration with the team at Berkeley.

The programme will run for approximately 12 weeks from June to August 2023. A stipend of €600 per week will be provided, which is intended to cover all of your expenses during the program including meals and accommodation. Additionally, travel costs to and from the program site will be reimbursed – instructions regarding booking and reimbursement will be provided to accepted students.

To apply, please see additional information and application form here. Applications are open until Friday, February 3rd 2023