Online Lectures & Slack !!!!


I started my week with covering online lectures where I focused mainly on lectures covering  “Radio Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections”, which  Aoife (PhD Student) recommended.

I started my lectures covering the preliminaries, where they covered the specific Intensity, the Flux Density, and the Units, then I moved onto radioactive transfer and optical depth; also, covering the brightness temperature and then rewriting the radioactive transfer equation, were I then covered the relevant radio emission mechanism, and the Bremsstrahlung, Gyromagnetic Radiation, and Plasma Radiation.

In codify we covered “pandas”, this is great for data analysis as it will read in spreadsheet format. We had an in class assignment were we had to read a file on crimes in New York City, it was so interesting as we got to separate the offenses and label where in New York City they came from in our data.


I continued with my online lectures where I covered the derivation of plasma radiation with the effects of the electric coulomb force and Gauss’s Law. I also covered the plasma frequency types and their values. I then moved onto radio observations in general (emission mechanisms, range of observation), and the solar radio blasts types from 1960s (Type 1,2,3,4). I also looked at the standard flare-CME model (H (alpha) ribbons, X-Ray loops, prominence, cavity, plasma pileup, and the shock). I also looked over the white light emission: Thomson scattering, and the detectability of thermal radio CME, and thermal radio detectability of CME body. I also looked at the rare thermal radio CMEs.

I looked at the MatPlotLib website which is great to view different types of plotting code for your data.

I moved onto my second lecture which covered gyromagnetic radiation and looked at the thermal electrons, relativistic electrons, and electron gyrofrequency. I also looked at why we are interested in the coronas and CMEs, and why the shock even happens and the shock jump conditions.

I will be heading down to Birr on the 27th and 28th of April to receive the first deliveries of the I-LOFAR equipment, with the rest of the I-LOFAR team which is just so exciting!!!!


I finished my online lecturers where I covered Type II spectral feat.

Then I started analysing the “NYPD 7 Major Felony Incident Map” from Mondays Codify class; where I was trying to see if I can analysis the data on “Day of Week” and the “Borough”.


Next Monday I will start a Codify project, I have decided to pick the project on a data analysis project on a dataset containing details on every recorded shark attack in history; this project will be done over 3 weeks, which I am so excited about!!!

Diana (postdoc) gave me some LOFAR data to look at which is amazing!!!

Next weeks blog I hope to have some images of the data.


This week we had journal club where we covered a paper on “Historical space weather in Japan &China”, it was so interesting, especially the way they symbolised the aurora as an event of possible disaster.

We then looked over the app called “Slack” as we needed a place to send documents to each other and chat to each other, without have chains of emails; so, slack is the best option for a better way to collaborate and have small group discussions.