Latest All Sky Images with I-LOFAR

The latest all sky images observed by I-LOFAR show the radio sky above Birr during the day in amazing detail yet again. The images below were recorded and created by undergrad student David McKenna from Trinity College Dublin using code developed during his final year project.

Each image is taken at different times from the observation where astrophysical objects are at their highest in the sky. Included here are Cassiopeia A, the Milky Way and, the North Galactic Spur.  This video shows the entire observation from 20:00 GMT on February 5th to 08:00 GMT on February 6th at 30MHz.

The supernova remnant Cassiopeia A, the brightest source I-LOFAR can see. Watch video

Our galaxy, the Milky Way stretching across the radio sky. Watch video

The North Galctic Spur, a part of the Milky Way projecting towards the north galactic pole. Watch video