Our Moon for Primary Classes


The goal of this activity and lesson is to provide students with an understanding of the most prominent object in our night sky – the Moon. The perfect place to begin a journey of exploration in space, we have developed and complied a range of activities all about the Moon suitable for senior primary classes (5th and 6th class, aged 10-12).

Students will get hands on with activities to better understand Earth’s natural satellite. There are a range of activities covering the following topics:

  • Lunar Phases
  • Synchronous Rotation
  • Topography
  • Craters
  • Moon Mountains
  • Moon Missions and Challenges

These are explained in detail in the downloadable Moon Presentation on this page. There is also an accompanying Teacher Handbook with lesson plans and printable worksheets/handouts for each activity, as well as links to relevant videos/programmes and further resources. These are presented in an order to allow the class to lead from one activity to another, deepening their understanding of the topic over time. They can also be run as stand alone activities and modified to the needs of any particular group.

Discovering moon craters