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Sunspotter Workshops for the Midlands Science Festival

Several Sunspotter workshops took place in a number of Midlands schools this week as part of the Midlands Science Festival.. Aine Flood, Pietro Zucca and Peter Gallagher of the Citizen Science Alliance at Trinity College explained…… ‘Our job at the Solar and Space Weather Group in Trinity is to use data from ESA and NASA […]

Radio Bursts from the Sun Imaged using LOFAR

The Solar Physics Group at TCD are excited to report that they have made radio images of bursts of radio waves from the Sun using LOFAR. The Sun is far from a quiet star and from time to time throws out huge explosions of hot gas into space. These explosions can accelerate electrons to fractions […]

Big Day For Birr With Launch Of Solar Observatory

AN IMPORTANT day in the history of Birr Castle took place on Saturday afternoon when a new space observatory was officially launched. This new observatory could be part of something very exciting indeed because it is possible that one day it could detect the existence of extra-terrestrial life. If the project comes to fruition it will […]

Trinity’s New Observatory in Birr to Illuminate the Sun-Earth Connection

The Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory, which will be opened on Saturday, June 28th, will be used to help better understand solar phenomena affecting everyday life on Earth Details: 3 pm, Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at Birr Castle Demesne, Birr, Co. Offaly (attending press/photographers are advised to arrive by 2:45 pm to ascend the observatory). Dublin, June 27th, […]

LOFAR Test Array Back Up and Running Better than Ever

The LOFAR Test Array is operational once again in the midlands of Ireland after a short break during which upgrades were made to Rosse Observatory (www.rosseobservatory.ie). Luckily enough, only a couple of days after the LOFAR LBAs went up, solar activity was detected in the form of Type III solar radio bursts. The bursts detected […]

All-sky Movie Recorded by a Single LOFAR Station

During the weekend of 30th of may – 1st of June, the Solar Physics group in Trinity College conducted LOFAR Observations using a single LOFAR international station located in Chibolton, United Kingdom. The Sun was fairly quiet at the time with only a couple of Type III radio bursts observed, but the observations also offered […]

Clear Skies in Birr for Radio Astronomy

The Trinity Solar Physics Group has been working hard over the past three years setting up instruments to measure the causes and effects of solar storms from their observatory in Birr in the Irish midlands. To date, they they have installed a number of antennas to monitor solar radio bursts at 10-400 MHz, a magnetometer, and most recently, […]

LOFAR Colloquia at UCC and UCD

LOFAR Colloquia will take place at UCC and UCD in February, where the speaker, Prof. Ralph Wijers from the University of Amsterdam, will discuss the capabilities of the International LOFAR Telescope (ILT), its scientific aims and the present status of the ILT together with science results that have already been published. The speaker will also cover some […]

Engineers Ireland Lecture: “The Radio Universe: Astronomy at Long Wavelengths”

“An Chruinne Raidió: Réalteolaíocht ag Tonnfhaid Fhada”  “The Radio Universe: Astronomy at Long Wavelengths” le hAralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh, Royal Military College of Canada Ó d’fhionnaigh Karl Jansky astúchán raidió ó fhoinsí neamhaí go luath sna 1930í, tá borradh tagtha ar réalteolaíocht raidió. Sa léacht seo, déanfar léargas ar an chruinne ag tonnfhaid raidió, agus […]