I-LOFAR User Guide

Welcome to the I-LOFAR User’s Guide. Below you will find details on how to log in to the Linux Gateway Computer (LGC), the Windows Gateway Computer (WGC), the Local Control Computer (LCU) and how to run a variety of observation scripts. The LGC and WGC are located in the I-LOFAR Control Room, while the LCU is located in the International LOFAR Telescope (ILT) Container.

Please note that you are using a complex scientific instrument. In order not to cause any damage to the station, follow the procedures described below.

  1. Station Signal Processing Pipeline
  2. Station Control from the LCU
  3. Station Control from the LGC
  4. Station Control from the WGC
  5. Observing Pulsars with REALTA
  6. Observing the Sun with Mode 357 and REALTA
  7. Data Formats
  8. Data Archives
  9. Observer’s Log
  10. Station Handover
  11. Data Analysis
  12. Data Archive

I-LOFAR Further Reading

  1. Mode 357
  2. Guide to git
  3. Station technical information
  4. Station data cookbook
  5. Workshop on I-LOFAR data analysis


  1. Meetings

General Further Reading

  1. LOFAR website
  2. LOFAR: Quick Start Guide
  3. Making Observations With Mode 357 (document missing)
  4. Observing with the Rawling Array (LOFAR-UK UK608)