Real Time Spectra

Near-realtime dynamic spectra are shown on this page when I-LOFAR is in local mode. Dynamic spectra updated every 10 mins.

Archived Spectra

Archived dynamic spectra of when I-LOFAR was in local mode is shown on this page. Pick a date to show data.

Telescope Information

LGC Status:

LCU Status:

Status Map of Telescope

This page is under development. Please note that the data is not live yet, the plots shown when clicking on antennae are updated in the netherlands roughly on a weekly basis.
Ariel view of the High Band Antenna (HBAs).
Clicking on each tile when in local mode brings up the status of the 16 antennas within it.
Ariel view of the Low Band Antenna (LBAs).
Clicking on each antenna when in local mode brings up the antenna status.


Green Motion Lines: International Mode - Data to Netherlands

Grey Stationary Lines: Local Mode - Each station used individually