Brand Guidelines for I-LOFAR


The identity for I-LOFAR is a combination of a logotype and emblem which reference the visual representations of the array.

Both emblem and logotype must be clearly legible on a designated background.

  • Logotype

  • Marque

  • Lock Up


The primary typeface for I-LOFAR is Replica – Bold, Regular and Medium. This is to be used across all web and printed applications.

Where not available, the Google font Roboto can be used instead.


These are the three primary colours to be used across all I-LOFAR communications. When colour matching, reference an up-to-date Pantone swatch for the designated Pantones.

R4 G58 B70
C94 M64 Y54 K46
Hex 003b4a
Pantone 309U

R44 G182 B113
C75 M0 Y76 K0
Hex 22a571
Pantone 7482U

Background Image 

For use in PowerPoint, posters, etc.

PowerPoint Template 

Template downloadable here for presentations, etc.